12 November 2011

The Ghost of Birthdays Past

Posting about my most recent birthday sent me down memory lane, thinking about many delightful birthdays past. This post is largely to indulge my memories, so if you don't care about old birthdays (or at least mocking old pictures of me) I won't be upset if you just want to go eat some cookies, or take a nap, or write your own blog about annoying people who post old pictures. 

Unfortunately, since I'm in Peru, I only have access to the few photos on my computer and the other few stored on facebook. So you'll miss out on the photos of the more epic parties of my childhood: the castle maze, the Halloween Olympics, the Pirate Party, the Safari Party. Yep, my mom pulled off some pretty fantastic celebrations! But despite the many missing, here's a few from the last 26 years:

So this wasn't my actual birthday, but close enough!
1986? 1987?
There was a plastic ghost hung in our front yard. I liked to say "Boo!" to it. 

Fractured my wrist rollerskating. I was a wounded black cat that year.
(This is our scarecrow friend that always hangs by the front door.)

12th birthday was spent in Japan
Had a party in Ormond after the fact. 
13th birthday party in the park. I'm wearing overalls and pigtails. Feel free to judge.

Getting balloons at school was the epitome of cool in middle school.
16th birthday party!
18th birthday dinner at Applebee's, the traditional post-football game hang-out in highschool. They didn't give me any free birthday dessert. Some friendly neighborhood grill!

Black widow spider for FCA Halloween party. (This was the day I got my braces on.)
21st birthday party in our townhouse in Gainesville. 
Carving pumpkins!

Birthday party in my flat in Paris, night before my birthday. 
My friends brought a cake, but we didn't have birthday candles. We used a tea light. Hahah.
The next morning, Andrea and I headed to Italy, so I spent my actual birthday half in Paris and half in Milan.

Alien night costume for Bible study.
Popcorn cake! A birthday tradition
Florida-Georgia at the Seitzes'. No better present than a Gator victory!
Birthday dinner at La Fiesta! Sombrero. 
I think this was after the waiters scared Dianne to death when they slammed the tray on the ground.

Carving pumpkins at Val's
Birthday lunch after Sunday School at the Whites'. 
Birthday dinner at Chipotle after Fall Family Festival.

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