11 November 2011


One of the most special parts of the retreat was receiving mail from people back in the states who had received our names and had been praying for us leading up to the event. It was nice to have cards and uplifting words from people you've never even met. But what was even more special was that the retreat folks had contacted our home churches and asked them to gather some mail from people at home. I was blessed to receive a big stack of cards from the staff (my former coworkers) at FBC Daytona. It was a delightful surprise to see familiar handwriting and read their well-wishes and encouragement. It was also convenient that the retreat happened the weekend before my birthday, so my cards carried birthday greetings as well. It was a wonderful treat since you know how much I love mail!

Many of the women who spoke during the retreat had served on the mission field before or worked in various ministries. They all had very interesting life stories that I wish I could pass onto you all. A former missionary to Ecuador shared about the loss of her grown son to cancer recently. While it has obviously been a painful season in her life, it was wonderful to hear her continue to testify to God's faithfulness. She shared a video her son had made during his cancer battle. His is a remarkable testimony that challenges us all to remember that no matter what happens, God is still God, and God is still good. (Check out the videos below, but you'll probably want to get a tissue first.)

Part 1:

Part 2: By Zac's wife

You can learn more about Zac's story here.

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