30 December 2011

Reaching Haitian Immigrants

Reaching Haitian Immigrants

by Emily Pearson on December 30, 2011

PUERTO PLATA, Dominican Republic — Inside a tin shack, the 13-year-old Haitian mother fell to her knees in the dirt and surrendered her life to Christ.
It was a beautiful sight to missionary Carlos Llambes and visiting volunteers from several Haitian Southern Baptist churches in the Miami area. The team had traveled to the Dominican city of Puerto Plata to help evangelize this neighborhood and start a church among Haitian immigrants there. The volunteers simply walked door to door, telling people about Jesus. It was in one of these homes that a volunteer shared the Gospel with the young mother.
“The girl was in tears and [had the volunteer] hold the baby while she knelt on the ground to pray to repent, “ said Llambes, an International Mission Board missionary in the Dominican Republic.
This new believer is one of about 2 million Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic. Many of them live in extremely poor, isolated areas.
Pray for this young mother as she grows in Christ. Pray also for the pastor of a local church-start who returns frequently to follow up with her and other area residents.
PHOTO: “A young haitian mother cradles her child.”
Photo Credit: Rebecca Springer

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