20 June 2011

Feliz día del Padre!

Yes, it’s Fathers’ Day here in Costa Rica as well! It seems to be a lot like the states: greeting cards, gifts, kids doing special programs at church, and sermons highlighting fatherhood. I hope you were able to celebrate the fathers in your life in a special way. I sure wish I could be home to give mine a big hug, but I can’t, so I hope you’ll indulge me with a little tribute to my daddy. He’s pretty terrific, and I’m so blessed to be his daughter.  

So thankful for my awesome Dad who loves me and supports me (even when he's not thrilled about me running off to foreign countries...again)!

I'm also thankful for my Heavenly Father who is so incredibly faithful! He has taken an unpleasant situation and already used it for so much good! In a series of events that even I haven't really wrapped my mind around, He has turned our plans and expectations on their heads. Instead of heading to Peru in August, we now have plane tickets booked for Thursday. You read that right: Thursday. As in three days away. I'd give you more details but I don't have much more than that to go on at the moment. Everything is just the tiniest bit chaotic right now. So let the list making, cleaning, organizing and packing (ugggh...packing!) commence. We're moving to Lima!

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