30 June 2011

Too Much for Words

Well as you probably gathered from my last post, life has been a bit of a whirlwind over the last few weeks. So many unexpected changes and last minute decisions with some random chaos thrown in for flavor. Don't worry, you won't have to read a long rambling musing about all of it (at least not now) because frankly there has just been too much to process and I'm too tired to attempt to write about it. So I thought, instead, I'd just give you a glimpse of the story through pictures. I mean, that IS half the reason I'm down here, right? So here is an overview of the last two craaaazy weeks:

At the wooden jewelry factory in Costa Rica. 
My room in Costa Rica for the last two months.
My street in Costa Rica. My house is down on the right. 
Sweet Peruvian lady who runs this stall in the artisans' market in San José.
Drinking a celebratory Dr. Pepper to toast farewell to Costa Rica and "hola" to a new adventure.
View of downtown San José out a bus window.

My room in the midst of last-minute chaotic packing!

All my luggage ready for our 5:30am departure from Costa Rica.

Waiting out our unexpected 7 hour layover in the Panama airport after our plane out of San José left many hours late due to mechanical issues. At least there was WiFi in Panama!
Our first view of Lima from our hotel window. It certainly is a city.
First Starbucks in two months!!! Yay for a caramel frap!
First view of the Lima coast and those famous grey skies. 

I'm not going to translate this, for security sake, but the resort where we've been at conference for the last week doesn't joke around with their translation of organizational names!

"Virtual" prayer-walk for ministries in the Americas
Our resort at night. 
Downtown Ica, Peru.

Dunes in Ica, Peru!
Me...on a dune.
Sand "sledding." I was apparently the champion. Just check out those pointed toes!

Dune buggy rides over the dunes = better than a roller coaster. 

Evelyn. She is awesome. 
Me with a.....LLAMA!!!!
My first Peruvian llama! I tried to speak spanish to him. He was unimpressed. I then tried to feed him goldfish crackers.  He was still unimpressed. My llama adventures are off to a rocky start. 
Path up the dune at the resort.

View of Ica from the resort dune. 

Enjoying some "Peru Cola"!


  1. oohhhhh! Have you tried Inca Cola yet? That's fun! What great photos! Glad you are getting settled in! And sorry to hear the llamas are unimpressed at this point!:)

  2. Panama! I once crashed on those very same benches!