31 March 2012

'Icken an' Fwies

So I just wanted an excuse to show you what a cutie Evelyn is! Brit and I took her to McDonald's for "'icken an' fwies," her favorite. You have to watch her around french fries because she tends to inhale them. I don't know how someone so little can find room for so many fries! She is also into calling her juice "coffee" right now. After our dinner we went to play on the playground. Thankfully it was vacated because Evelyn wanted Beebee and Deedee (Brittany and Lyndsey) to come play with her. Let me just say that plastic McDonald's indoor playgrounds really are NOT designed for anyone over 4 feet tall. I thought they might have to go get the jaws of life to cut me out of that monstrosity. But while my back might not appreciate it, it's always a treat to get to spend time with Evelyn (and Norah). We're blessed to be able to love on such precious ones.  

Chowing down on her fries!

Please be praying for Brittany and me as we head to Panama today for work (and probably a little fun too). We appreciate you interceding for traveling safety/ease, health, and rest. Also pray for the teenagers of staff members who will be at the retreat this week, that this will be a great time of spiritual growth, refreshment, fun, and connecting with friends. Pray for the adults leading the retreat time and for us as we share our own experiences and interact with the students. Thank you for your faithful prayer! 

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