13 October 2011


Yesterday I remembered that I have a blog. ("Oh yeah! That thing!") Seriously, it had kind of slipped my mind in the busyness of the last few weeks. Like all things, it's easy to get out of the habit. But I'm back, at least for now, since things are about to hit extreme levels of busy again.

When last we left our intrepid adventurers they had just returned from Chile. That was September...I just finished editing and posting those photos this week.

In the official count, Chile was #23 of foreign countries visited. Well, at least as I count them. (For reference, I count Puerto Rico as a separate country, but not Vatican City. And I don't count any country where I only saw the airport.)

We enjoyed the sunshine in Santiago, the actual variation in temperature, and the bright blue skies. We spent some long hours working on children's mission materials, discussing media work with the team there, and getting a little better idea of what everyone does. But we were also able to enjoy the festivities for Chilean Independence Day. After enjoying the rodeo, big hunks of meat on stick, adorable children dressed like cowboys, and seeing Chilean flags everywhere I looked, I came to the conclusion that Chile is kind of like the Texas of South America. Their flags are even almost identical. There's even a strong German influence, just like Texas. Add that to the European/American feel to the city and stores, and it's easy to imagine you are back in the States.

And now for a photo recap of our time in Santiago. Enjoy!

Traditional Chilean folk dancing in the mall
Tops were EVERYWHERE. Impressive to watch. 
He had skills.
Kites were also everywhere. The holiday marks the beginning of Spring.
At the fair, posing in a mine tube.
Santiago is a big modern city.
Kids patriotic paintings.
Cowboy outfitting booth at the fair.
Hat making booth.
Cowboys watching the others compete.
Chilean rodeo. The goal is to pin the cow up against the padded part of the wall.
This is was the Father-Son rodeo...but this daughter got in on the action too.
Rodeo in action.
Watching the big boys.
All tuckered out from all the excitement. 
These talented riders and dancers performed the history of Chile.
Trick riding. Impressive!
I think they are proud of Chile.
Chi- chi-chi...le-le-le!
Many much meat. On a stick.

Yay Chile!
Santa Lucia

Chilean presidential palace.
Hiking outside of Santiago

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